Bail Bond Forfeiture

by WebMaster on June 17, 2011

Bail Bond Forfeiture

When a bail bond is deposited for the release of a defendant from jail the financial guarantee by the bail bond company to the court is that the defendant will personally appear in court for each and every date until ALL court appearances are complete. If the defendant fails to appear on a scheduled court date the judge will place the bail bond in a forfeited status and issue a warrant for the defendants arrest for not appearing.

Soon thereafter, the court will send the bail company a Notice of Bail Forfeiture, advising the bail company of the no-show of the defendant in court. At this point the court has put the bail company on notice stating if the defendant doesn’t return to court with the required Re-assumption of Liability the court will not clear the warrant and the judge cannot “Reinstate” the bail. If the defendant doesn’t return to court timely, the court will demand full payment from the bail company as a penalty for the defendant’s non-compliance.

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