Randall Parker, Lieutenant Commander
United States Navy

Randall Parker, United States Civilian

The late Winston Churchill first coined the accolade `twice a citizen’ as a measure of the value of military reservists who served the national interest in both civilian and military capacities.

                                                                                                                                     R Pengelley

Randall is a farm boy from Southwestern Iowa who, after graduation from high school and some college, joined the Navy to see the world. He enlisted as an Airman Recruit (E-1) in January 1981, served onboard the aircraft carrier USS CONSTELLATION (CV 64) and was honorably discharged in July 1984.

Upon discharge from active duty, Randall affiliated with the naval reserves and worked his way up the military chain of command while working the family farm operation. In 1987, on one his many trips to Santa Rosa to visit his brother Gary, Randall decided to stay in beautiful Sonoma County and work a little.

While attending Santa Rosa Junior College, he was hired on by a local bail bond agency as a recovery agent to locate, track and bring back persons that had “skipped” out from their court obligation while on bond. Randall also negotiated collections of the bail bond agency account receivables and when necessary, prepared, served and represented the bail agency interest in small claims court proceedings. Randall completed licensure requirements as a bail agent in February 1989.

Randall’s military expertise includes:

-Enlisted Navy, “the workers” January 1981 – January 1997
(16 years)                                                              Prior to his commissioning as a Navy
Officer, he was the Navy “Chief” and he did make the Navy run.

-Commissioned Officer, Navy LDO “Mustang”  January 1997 – present (14 years)
As a commissioned officer, he is the part that runs the Navy.

Randall’s civilian expertise:

Good common sense!

After being licensed as a bail agent, Randall work for years as a bail agent for a local family owned agency in Santa Rosa until February 1999.  Wanting to make a more lasting impression in the community, Randall opened his own company, Randall Parker Bail Bonds.

A few years later, he re-activated Bulls-Eye Bail Bonds-NorthBay and has since managed both companies as an independent, locally owned Santa Rosa agency.

What you’ll get from Randall:

A bail agent with integrity!

Randall has been in the bail bond business for over 22 years and affiliated with the military for over 30 years. His Midwest values and work ethic have not changed. To this day, his mother’s words still ring in his head…“do unto others as you would want them to do unto you.”

What is unique and sets Randall apart from the rest of the agents is the personalized service he has always offered.

One example:  traditionally, bail agents drop bonds off at the jail and leave the jail to continue with their life’s plan. When you contract with Randall Bail Bonds for services, he is the first person to greet the bailee when they get released from jail.  He has put his life’s plan on hold until that person has been released and on their way home. Since his first bond, written in 1989, Randall personally waits at the jail for every person to be released, regardless of how long the release process takes or whether it is during the day or night.  Randall’s professional manner and the way he takes care of his clients reflects loyalty and dedication in treating people the same way he would want to be treated.

Randall’s closing statement,

In today’s business, I still practice the small business concept, one of which is… “performing the same service as the big name businesses, but with my personal touch.”

I enjoy my business and have always put work first. Unless I am out of town on military duties or am back home visiting family in the Midwest, you will have direct contact with me 24 hours / 7 days a week.

Sometime in life everyone will need some assistance. If the need arises for bail, or you just need some bail advice, let me help, I’m there for you.